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Battlefind Restorations is a private collection that specializes in restoring World War Two and World War One military vehicles and military aircraft for private use and museum display, and offers professional global logistics services, through our preferred carriers. We have loaded a nice collection of our photos, for your enjoyment.

Battlefind.com was enthusiastically formed in an effort to preserve as many rare machines and survivors of past conflicts as possible. Battlefind has restored over 50 machines in past years, with many being housed in museums and private collections around the world.

Our main focus is our own personal collection, for which Battlefind is our brand. This is not a business, but we will restore your vehicle for you, or one of ours in the collection, if on offer for sale. It is not uncommon for items in the collection to rotate in and out at times, as this maintains our ability to remain independent.  We do not operate a retail presence, but occasionally do sell items from the collection to fund restorations of other machines here.

We have restored WWII Allied machines as well as Axis, including many extremely scarce German War Bikes, US armored and tracked vehicles, and WWI movie replica aircraft.


BMWwermachtR75 copy

Proudly, we have gathered up some WWI replica aircraft that were used in the film industry in the late 60’s and early 1970’s, portraying the life and events in WWI squadrons in fighting in Europe, and Turkey, for Aces High.

Here is one of our Se5a British Fighter aircraft, displayed in Portland Oregon in 2012 for the Memorial Day gathering in Waterfront Park


Battlefind.com will eventually  be restoring the Blue Max Triplane, which is another member of our personal collection. This is the oldest complete Triplane in the world.


losengePRINT copy

We have also been known to build the occasional hotrod as well, but the old farm tractors are beginning to call to me. This one was a real gem.


When time and funds allow, we like to attend European Military Vehicle gatherings, such as Beltring, Normandy, Bastogne, and of course, the mighty Tanks in Town, where up to 80 pieces of WWII armour rolls into Mons Belgium, re-tracing the steps of The Spearhead, led by the 3rd armored division.  The convoy was led in 2007, by the actual first tank that was to roll into Mons in 1944- “Fish and Chips” Stuart light tank- found in a marsh and fully restored to operational condition.  It is a spectacular event. Here are a few photos to give you an idea. This is also where all of our header images come from. The first and second photos are of the star of the show; “Fish and Chips”


100_3734100_3656 100_3665100_3671 100_3673100_3722 100_3723100_3725 100_3724 100_3726 100_3727 100_3728 100_3729

Chain driven Pioneer Recovery vehicle- SUUUPER rare
Chain driven Pioneer Recovery vehicle- SUUUPER rare

100_3732 100_3733

Everyone mounts up
Everyone mounts up


Taking over the town squares along the way
Taking over the town squares along the way

100_3818 100_3821 100_3822

A reminder that we are indeed in Belgium. Take a look at the majority of hands-Beer. Locals brought us buckets of it every time we stopped, just like in WWII
A reminder that we are indeed in Belgium. Take a look at the majority of hands-Beer. Locals brought us buckets of it every time we stopped, just like in WWII

100_3832 copy

If you would like to see our latest few projects, we have recently completed a pair of replicas of the WWII BMW R-71



And we are now starting back into a project that we began in 2007, but was set aside while parts were gathered. Now, the pieces are all in one place, and we are back to work on the 1945 Studebaker US6, with our newly acquired Small Arms Repair Workshop bed.

CLICK the IMAGE to go to this vehicle’s page

I know of only one other on display, in Holland. If you know of any others, please drop us a line here-

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