WWII BMW R-71 copy in Gelbbraun Afrika Corps

Grey is a 1970 CJ 750 while Brown is 1950 Chinese military

This grey bike pictured is the beginning base of the next restoration that Battlefind is doing, as of October 2020. Currently, the bike sits as it was,  in this grey- It is actually a plastic-dip product, brush applied over a non-deglossed black paint job- This means, the bike will need to undergo two different paint stripping processes, and this has partially begun.

This motorcycle is slated to go to the home of the new owner, in Arizona, and will see many hours of enjoyment. First, the grey needs to be removed, and the black paint that the previous owner did not de-gloss will need to be properly prepped for a beautiful paint job in the original materials and colors used in WWII by the German Forces in Africa.

This is the point where a deposit has been placed as of October 1, 2020, and this machine is on it’s way to be set in GELBBRAUN (Ordnance Tan) Lacquer, as appeared in the Africa Corps in early WWII.

Stay tuned to this page, as we begin the teardown and painting process this month.

October is well underway, and we are stripping the top layer of the coating off this bike, in preparation for bringing it to Gelbbraun. We pulled one of the ammunition cans and mounts from another project and will re-coat this to match.

This is my source for the German Lacquer paint colors that we use here on our German vehicle restorations, as their quality is un-surpassed.

Take note of the rear outer corner of the sidecar. I sprayed it down with lacquer thinner, and let that sit for ten minutes, then came back with a rubber block from a sanding pad, without the sandpaper, and rubbed the semi-soft coating off. It was not actually grey paint on this bike, but rather, a Plastic-Dip product intended for other uses, but brush applied to this machine by the previous owner.  It is an arduous process, and once completed, the bike can begin the process of having the original paint properly sanded and primed, before the final three coats of Gelbbraun Lacquer are applied.

All the while, we are sorting out some wiring and getting the mechanicals all set before beginning the final prep for paint. This way, once we un-mask and re-assemble, we will not need to hazard to scratch anything trying to make adjustments to the drivetrain.

The previous owner had made a modification to the machine to carry a standard sized motorcycle battery; A common sight on US imported bikes that were brought in during the 80’s and 90’s. It is a modern made ammunition can, and is seen mounted between the right side of the bike, and the inside wall of the side-car. It will be removed and the proper sized battery will be sourced and placed in the correct location, which I am pointing to – We have already fabricated the new replacement straps.

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