1977 Ford F-250 3/4 Ton 4X4

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have begun the restoration of our beloved F-250 4X4, with a 400Ci V8 and Auto trans. The transfer case is solid and all mechanical parts shift smooth and quietly. The engine was rebuilt it’s first time, being bored .020 over.

We started the body work and it is getting ready for paint as I type this out. Spring of 2017

Things have progressed a lot, with the underside and frame being treated, and painted, as well as the  new shocks hung, and firewall painted. We cleaned up the wiring harness as well, and made sure everything worked before we dismantled it for paint and body work.

Monday, March 20th, it was painted and clear coated.



High build primer is now up to three coats

We found this NOS tailgate in Seattle
I had to fill in the holes where the deluxe trim would mount, but that is simple enough
220 grit sanding
On to the 320 grit next
Nice starting point, but we are replacing the outer upholstery
New lower seat bench upholstery and cushioning. It feels super nice, and is solid too.

Yesterday and today, we shot 6 quarts of basecoat on the Ford, and it looks super. Just to be sure it really pops, we color sanded the basecoat as well, and will shoot out clear coats tomorrow. Then, it comes home to our shop to cure, and be assembled with all new interior parts, door seals, and window scrapers.


Sadly, I dragged my hose over the corner, so I have to sand down a portion of the clear coat, and will do a re-spray of the bed. Not a big deal really, but it did make for a bit more work.

All done

See the 4×4 Suburban back there? It is about to get a Turbo 6.2 Diesel and leaf spring upgrade!


Ok, it has been a few weeks since this page was updated, and it is now the end of April, 2017

We have made progress on a number of things, but the Ford has seen a lot of attention.

New dash cluster, dash pad, headliner, carpet, upholstery, door panels, and all new door seals and window scrapers. It is starting to feel like a new truck!

We finally went ahead and put the windows back in, and replaced all of the scrapers for the glass too. All new seals and rubber.

Brand new grill and inserts as well, and of course, new lenses for the front and rear.

We halted progress on this one, as it is my own truck, and we had to get back to focus on the main reason why the shop is open- restoring the projects that go off to museums and collections. Lately, we are focused on the aviation segment, and fulfill our wheel restoration with the motorcycles, to conserve the shop space for aircraft.

Here it is loaded up and heading for it’s new home.


If you are interested in having us find you a nice restored, or restorable example, we are glad to help in all stages of the process.

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