MG-34 Simulated Fire Review

Simulated Fire MG-34 from Military Muckabouts is GARBAGE

We recently imported a simulated firing replica MG-34 from Military Muckabouts in the UK, and are far from being impressed.

After seeing the years of sales, and the list of arms that they replicate, we decided to use one of their MG-34 replicas on one of our BMW R-71 copies. Afterall, who would not be thrilled with a firing MG-34 on their machine. Blank firing arms are very expensive to purchase, and operate, so this Propane- Oxygen firing device sounded like a good alternative. Please see our un-crating video, and then the following photographs.

If you are seeing this Nick, this is the result of treating serious collectors poorly, lying about the emails not getting through, and shipping trash out months behind the date you claimed it shipped. This page is here to keep other collectors from wasting their time .

Payment was made in January, and the replica weapon was supposedly finished and ready to ship. After waiting a few weeks with no delivery, we began emailing them about our shipment, and used multiple addresses. He claimed that the emails go to his spam folder. If one has this problem, and one is taking money from customers, it behooves that person to look into their spam folder at least ONCE A WEEK, to prevent people from feeling like their requests are being deliberately ignored. Sounds like typical chav behavior.

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