1945 Studebaker US 6

This is an amazing barn find indeed!! We were fortunate enough to meet a collector who had gathered an immense amount of materials to restore a number of WWII trucks and jeeps. I was able to strike a deal, and brought home two of these SUPER rare trucks. This one featured in this page is not only totally complete, but also 100% rust free from the cab to the nose tin.

The bed will be restored, but has only the need for minor repair and has data plates as well. The bed is complete with a NOS set of troop seating!!


Studebaker US 6
Studebaker US 6

We started the restoration process on this beauty in February of 2017, and so far, things have been going very well.

Data plates
Data plates

Here are some photos of it in new paint.

We gave it 4 coats of GCI Olive Drab,  and when it all goes back together, we will give it one final heavy coat.



Once we finish putting the truck back together, everything will get a final sanding and fresh coat of paint to ensure the finish is best.


We will be shooting the inside of the cab today, but the engine will be the next main focus.


We can prepare it for shipping as is, or complete this for you.

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