WWII BMW R-71 copy

This is how we acquired the motorcycle this Spring

We have begun a restoration on what began life as a late 50’s Chinese military motorcycle. It is patterned after the BMW R-71 of the late 30’s. A brief explanation of how this all came to be is that in Germany, BMW was happily building these wonderful bikes, but semi clandestinely, for the Third Reich’s military. Throughout the war, this and the other styles built with side-car capability saw service in many fronts, and all climate conditions, proving themselves both extremely capable, but durable as well.

Germany fell, and the segment of Germany that ended up in Soviet control was where the plant that manufactured the bikes was located. They became EMW, as the rounded part of the B was severed to form a new logo, with Blue replaced to Red. Soviet assistance given to China during the US military conflict in Korea saw them exchanging many things, with the pattern to this motorcycle and side car combination being amongst the materials exchanged. This machine began life in 1950. Today, in 2019, it is beginning it’s new life as a WWII BMW R-71 copy.

The battery box addition made by the previous owner was convenient, albeit incorrect. We will replace with the correct period battery
The side car and many other parts are arriving by air and we will begin the painting and repairs.


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